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    Our Philanthropy

    At, we are proud to lend our support to the extraordinary organizations who work tirelessly to bring a change. We invite you to learn more about these remarkable causes by visiting their respective websites and contribute as much as you can.

    What is Rang De? (Experience Today for Free)
    Rang De is a social initiative that supports rural entrepreneurs with access to low cost loans. As an individual you can lend Rs.100 or more to an entrepreneur of your choice.

    What is a Rang De Experience?
    A Rang De Experience is your opportunity to understand the Rang De model before you make your first social believe in Rangde and will make this social investment on your behalf. To get your Free Rs 100 Rangde Gift Voucher, please register at and contact us
    here to get your Free Gift Voucher.

    What is the difference between a Rang De Experience and a Social investment?
    The Rang De Experience allows you to experience the social investing process. You can start by investing Rs.100 to become a social investor. You will be amazed to see how you make a difference in lives of people! As part of the Rang De experience, you will not be able to withdraw funds when you receive repayments. Here are the FAQ's

    Proud to be an official Partner @ Rangde!
    We fully support the non profit organizations working hard to bring a change and make our country a better place! we offer free ads to non profit organizations on our home page. Completely and unconditionally FREE!!

    Interestingly, when we decided to take this step, we got curious as to who else would be doing it? We found that Mike Zukerbergs's Facebook also supports the idea. They have an extremely helpful and successful
    resource center here!

    Every bit makes a difference and we feel that we can make a difference in spreading the good word and good work around with your help that's why we have followed the same philosophy at our daily deals website as well

    As we begin to make our footprint, we are committed to Extending a helping hand to those in need! If you know a non profit organization we could support, conta
    ct us here

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