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  • Rewards Program

    "Smart Rewards" for your "Smart Wallet"

    Reward Program Effective November 12th 2013

    Launching the
    "Smart Wallet" that lets you earn "Smart Rewards" that are as good as gold! Earning Smart Rewards is simple! Simply stay active on the community and fill up your Smart Wallet with Smart Rewards! Redeem Smart Rewards for Mobile recharges and even hard cash! Starting November 2012, you will see points in your profile, initially 0 which you will build up as you actively participates in the community!

    To earn Smart Rewards, simply post great deals, comment on deals, thumbs up/thumbs down deals and give and earn reputation! Every time you do any of the above you earn Smart Rewards!
    And yes, if your deal is selected for the Front page, you will get a whooping 50
    Smart Rewards!

    To earn "Smart Rewards" fast, Remember to do the following -

    - Post great deals, applicable in all the forums!
    - Comment on deals, applicable in all the forums!
    - Thumbs up/thumbs down threads to help fellow members!
    - Give and earn reputation! (Click on the Little star below every thread/comment to give reputation! Its another way of saying "Thanks" )!

    Smart Rewards Redemption Chart -

    Reward Points
    Redemption Value
    1000 Smart Rewards (Minimum reward points needed to redeem) Mobile Recharge of Rs 100
    2500 Smart Rewards Mobile Recharge of Rs 250
    4500 Smart Rewards Mobile recharge of Rs 500
    10000 Smart Rewards Cash Reward of Rs 1000
    20000 Smart Rewards Cash Reward of Rs 2000


    What are Super Deals?
    Super deals are deals posted by you and based on savings and popularity moved by the moderators to the front page. This is solely on the moderators to decide which deal to move to Front page, if you feel a deal is really hot, post a comment on why you feel its a hot deal and our moderators will make a decision. You can also alternatively send an quick note
    here with the link of the deal and your comments.

    What is this Reward Program?
    This reward programs are designed to help the community effectively share the best deals and at the same time earn rewards. Reward Points are thank you notes back to you for your hard work!

    How can I earn cash
    Simply register and start posting deals and as soon as you post a great deal that makes it to the front page you will win Mobile recharge and even CASH!

    How does the titles work?
    The titles work magically. The more you contribute to the community honestly the faster you will earn a title. We can give you some hints, post genuine deals, search for a deal before posting to avoid repost, give reputation etc. and always keep in mind the general rules and guidelines.

    How can I reimburse
    Smart Rewards for recharge or cash?
    Smart Rewards reimbursements are done monthly and your month begins from when you joined the community. At the end of a month, please send us a message here with the information how many points you would like to redeem and we will redeem your points for recharge or cash.

    What is Lv Percent
    in vBActivity Bars??
    The Lv Activity bars tells you what is your activity level, if its too low you might want to jack it up so you are on your way to reap some good rewards!

    What is Weekly Activity
    in vBActivity Bars?
    The Weekly Activity bars tells you what is your weekly activity level, again if its too low you might want to jack it up so you are on your way to reap some good rewards!

    What is Level in vBActivity Stats?
    Level as the name suggests, is the parameter that tells you how you are jumping up on the Reward point system, the lower level you are at the less rewards you get and the higher your level goes the more rewards you are getting!

    What is Reputation and how can I earn it?
    Reputation is given to you by fellow community members for many reasons. it could be posting a great deal, posting a useful comment, posting an idea, a contest, anything! You can also give reputations to the members for reasons you feel are valid or even if its great weather outside! Its a family and we are patting each others back appreciating the efforts!

    What information do you need to reimburse my rewards?
    We need the following information to redeem your rewards
    1- Your username
    2- Your email
    3- Your phone number where you can be reached.
    4- How many reward points you would like to redeem
    5- Mobile Number, your circle and your mobile career name
    6- If you have more then 10000
    Smart Rewards and you want to get money in your bank account, send us the following bank account information
    Your name
    Bank Name
    Bank branch location
    Bank account number
    IFSC Code
    7- If you have more then 10000
    Smart Rewards and you want to get money in your Paypal account, send us your paypal email address

    For any additional questions, just send us a message
    here and we will try to resolve your question within 24 hours.

    General Rules and Guidelines -

    - Its a family and everyone of you are our there to do good to yourself and fellow members, if you see any activity that is questionable, alert the moderator by clicking on the Mod Alert button at the bottom of each post/comment.
    - We do not allow multiple users for the same person.
    - No duplicate threads/ Reposts and copy/paste threads
    - Transferring titles is not allowed
    - Merging titles is not allowed
    - We will monitor every thread as we want to give everyone a very fair chance to win what they deserve.
    - Decision of our moderator is full and final. No Appeals.
    - Valid identification is required to redeem the reward.
    - You are liable to follow the taxation norms and pay the taxes on all the rewards per Government of India Income Tax Policy.
    - Posting irrelevant threads to any of the forum will disqualify you from the rewards program and may also ban you from the community. We will appreciate keeping the community a safe and enjoyable place!
    - The employees and affiliates are not eligible for this program.

    We wish you good luck on filling your "Smart Wallet" with "Smart Rewards" and we hope you will enjoy being a part of the community and save a lot of money! If at any point you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please reach out to our team here. We thank you for being a part of the Smart Family!

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